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A. B. Wilson Communications

Here is a sampling of my work as a speechwriter on a variety of
subjects for different clients:

Conflict Resolution: "The High Strike . . . and How to Avoid Unnecessary Disputes"

Women in Business: "Bow Wave: Women Coming to the Fore in High Tech Businesses"

Commencement: "Three Joys You Can Count On"

Technology: "Lighting Up the Sky"

Career Planning: "The Ultimate Solo Flight"

Patriotic: "The Unknown Soldiers in Our Midst"

Innovation: "Flower Power and Fire Power"

Diversity: "Building a House for Diversity"

Leadership:  "Leadership: It Ought To Be Easy"

Quality:  "The Business of Business Is People"

Speechwriting:  "Ache for the Impact"

Special Occasion: "Israel at 50"

Downsizing: "Prospering in Lean Times"

Transitions: "Surviving a Near-Death Experience"

Supplier Management: "Part Flows and Dinosaur Toes"

Community Affairs and Philanthropy: "The Lighthouse Effect"

Entrepreneurship: "The Future: It's Closer Than You Think"

Dedication Ceremony:  "New Life Along an Old Stream"

Fund-Raising: "Going Supersonic"

Globalization: "Going Global: There's Something In It For Everyone"

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Andrew B. Wilson

26 Taylor Place Drive
St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone: (314) 361-1195

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